Our Mission

Always lead, never follow! Navionics Research Inc. is an industry leader for ultra-reliable wireless telemetry and control systems, supported by unsurpassed customer service. Our trademark approach applies powerful communications and control software, featuring operator-friendly graphical interfaces, to high-performance industrial computer platforms. We are committed to being #1 in customer satisfaction. Through creative innovation and development, our mission also provides us with opportunities to make lasting contributions to the water and wastewater industries that we serve.

Our History

As a result of our equipment's outstanding reputation for reliability, and backed up by a customer-oriented philosophy and tech support, NRI has achieved the status as one of the most stable wireless telemetry and control system integrators in the Midwest. Our clients range in size from several of the largest rural water systems in the Region to several of the smallest.

With both Microsoft and Linux operating systems experience, we continue to blaze a trail in the Telemetry Server arena.  And our open, non-proprietary approach to the electronic hardware platforms that we provide helps us to furnish a level of detail in our documentation that is second-to-none.

Our headquarters is located in Saint Louis, Missouri USA. The majority of our major products and component subsystems are designed and manufactured in the United States. Navionics is a privately-held company; and is an Associate Member of the Illinois Rural Water Association and a regular contributor of operator training expertise to the American Water Works Association.

The Navionics Research Advantage

Acquiring the right wireless telemetry and control system can make a world of difference in the efficient operation of a utility or plant. A hardened, field-tempered software system ensures stable operation without lockups or resets; and an industrial-grade electronic platform ensures many years of smooth operations... even through the harshest summer and winter seasons.

With integrated programmable control capability — scalability and upgradeability is assured. From instant smartphone text message alarm notifications... to detailed history charting... to automatic report generation... to smartphone remote access... to digital VFD & energy analytics... to revenue-grade flow metering accuracy — the NRI advantages are many.  Working together, we can custom-configure a system to solve your wireless control and telemetry needs.

Our Future

Since our founding in 1995, we have consistently pushed the state-of-the-art in wireless telemetry and control technology... And we continue to pursue research and development with the goal of making our systems even more powerful, reliable, and user-friendly.

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