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  • Navionics Research-Controlled Levee District Featured on
    Tri-State Regional TV News KHQA (Keokuk, Hannibal, Quincy)...
    24 June 2015.

    The Des Moines & Mississippi Levee District (Alexandria, MO) was featured in a KHQA television (Keokuk IA, Hannibal MO, Quincy IL) news story, focusing on its new pumping station.  Special thanks to Dan Colwell and John Winkelman at the Levee District for the complimentary remarks about their automatic control system: Link to Article.

    Main Control Panel at DesMoines & Mississippi Levee District

    DesMoines & Mississippi SCADA Computer

  • Navionics Research Partners with Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley
    to Offer PowerFlex Variable Frequency Drives...
    12 Feb 2015.

    NRI is extremely pleased and excited to announce a new Reseller and Systems Integration Partnership with Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley (Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, NYSE:ROK). Effective immediately, NRI will be offering seamless integration of Rockwell Automation’s elite family of PowerFlex® Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) into all of our new and existing Telemetry, SCADA, and Control systems.
    Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley PowerFlex® Drive Family
    For more information, please read our 3-Part Series that introduces the PowerFlex VFD and how it integrates with our new VFD and Energy Analytics Telemetry Package:

         Part 1
         Part 2
         Part 3

  • Ditch and River Level Monitoring...
    20 Sep 2014.

    Need reliable and accurate Telemetry readings of your ditch and river levels? We offer a Pneumatic Transducer instrumentation package for the Levee District industry.

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  • Telemetry-Controlled, Quarter-Turn Valves...
    09 Sep 2014.

    Tired of the heavy maintenance required by your diaphragm valve? Replace it with a Telemetry-Controlled, Quarter-Turn Valve.

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  • Automatic Report Generation Using Excel and Your SCADA System...
    02 Jan 2014.

    Interested in having your SCADA System automatically generate your reports?

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  • New Website Look...
    02 Dec 2011.

    NRI is proud to announce the unveiling of a new look for our website.  Thanks for checking us out, and please keep checking back for new content.