Navionics Research Inc. is pleased to introduce the PowerFlex 753-Series VFD to our Water and Wastewater Utility Clients.  This Architecture-Class, Made in the USA drive from Allen Bradley offers a modular design and can be flexibly configured for most any potable water or wastewater pumping application. We recently had the privilege of commissioning a 150 HP PowerFlex Read More →

A key component installed within the control panel at all stations is a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). In case of power outage, the UPS provides reserve power to keep the control equipment running until power is restored or until the battery depletes — whichever occurs first. NRI’s preferred UPS for water towers and small pump/lift Read More →

At custody transfer stations — and pumping stations in general — it is often necessary to supplement the level of disinfectant in the potable water. The purpose of this article is to discuss an effective and efficient technique that Navionics Research has developed that offers the following key features: Influent Flow Disinfectant Level Monitoring Disinfectant Pump Speed Read More →

Ice Storm Preparations When meteorologists are predicting an imminent Winter Ice Storm, it is highly recommended that the Water Utility perform certain preparations to minimize the potential impact to the production and distribution system. Freezing rain and Ice Buildup on Antennas can cause temporary loss of radio telemetry communications. So it is highly recommended that Read More →

Valve Automation at Potable Water Districts Valve Automation serves a vital role in Potable Water Telemetry Control System Integration.  Valves are used in a variety of applications, which broadly include OPEN/CLOSE applications for ON/OFF flow control, as well as MODULATING applications for variable pressure and flow control. This article will address an interesting problem that we recently Read More →

RTU Enclosures Can Trap Heat During Summer Months During the summer months, the internal air temperature of outdoor-installed RTU Enclosures can become very hot — especially at locations where the enclosure is subject to direct sunlight.  And while the RTU electronics are industrial-rated, and designed to withstand extreme temperatures, the longevity of the equipment can be Read More →

PC-Based Water & Wastewater Telemetry Solves Early-Obsolescence Challenge Since 1995, Navionics Research Inc. has based its Telemetry & Control RTU system upon an industrial-hardened PC architecture, which is arguably the most stable hardware standard in electronics history.  With many competing source manufacturers, availability is anticipated for many years.  The design philosophy is based upon the idea Read More →