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Navionics Research Inc. Is Pleased to Introduce a Premium Online, Double-Conversion Battery Backup System.

NRI’s new online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with LCD control panel and sine wave output is offered as a power safeguard for SCADA Servers, RTU’s, and any communication/networking hardware that requires seamless power correction.


Traditional (Standby) UPS Technology:  In a traditional (standby) UPS, the UPS directs utility power to the computer via a bypass circuit until there is a power loss; and then the UPS switches to a battery-generated voltage. Although this switch-over occurs quickly, the transfer time is non-zero.  In most cases, a standby UPS is adequate.  However, in certain instances, the non-zero switch-over time can be problematic.

Online/Double-Conversion UPS Technology:  In an online/double-conversion UPS, the connected computer is always powered by a battery-generated voltage; and the battery is in a continual state of re-charging, except during times of power outage. Therefore, no switch-over time or power glitch is ever seen by the connected computer.

For more information about Online/Double-Conversion UPS Technology, CLICK HERE to visit an informative Wikipedia page.

Premium Online/Double-Conversion UPS

Our premium UPS offers an Online/Double-Conversion Topology, which is generator compatible, delivers consistent and clean AC power with zero transfer time. Benefits include extra protection for connected equipment and prevention of costly operational interruptions.

Auto-bypass insures connected equipment continues to operate seamlessly when an overload or internal fault is detected.

A configurable ECO Mode improves UPS efficiency to 93% and reduces electrical and cooling costs. Smart Battery Management (SBM) uses a 3 cycle charging mode to improve battery life while reducing heat being generated.

Anticipated applications include:

  • Sites whose present UPS technology suffers interference from a powerline-carrier-technology electric utility AMR system.
  • Sites whose equipment has problems with non-zero-switching-time standby UPS technology (standard UPS technology).
An Online/Double-Conversion UPS Powering an RTU Control System at a Major Water Treatment Plant.

An Online/Double-Conversion UPS Powering an RTU Control Panel at a Regional Potable Water Treatment Plant.


An Online/Double-Conversion UPS Powering a Telemetry Server at a Regional Potable Water Treatment Plant.

An Online/Double-Conversion UPS Powering a Telemetry Server at a Regional Potable Water Treatment Plant.

In one challenging application, a water plant with a complex, quad-monitor display system (two 60″ LCD wall displays, two 30″ LCD desktop displays) was suffering from display glitches whenever its backup generator system performed its weekly exercise.  To alleviate the problem, the power circuits feeding the main SCADA server and all monitors were changed out from traditional standby UPS’s to online/double-conversion UPS technology.  As a result, whenever any type of power glitch occurred, the computer and display system saw no interruption and all anomalies were eliminated.

The online/double-conversion UPS is generally physically larger than an equivalent-KVA standby UPS, so retrofits can often be challenging.  However, there are techniques available to work around the increased footprint.  In a project illustrated in the photos below, the online/double-conversion UPS was staged below the RTU panel, and two power cords were installed in the base of the enclosure: The first cord brought unconditioned utility power to the UPS, and the second cord brought conditioned/battery-backed power back to the control panel:

Online/Double-Conversion UPS is Staged Outside and Below the RTU Control Panel.


One Power Cord Brings Unconditioned Power from the RTU Control Panel to the UPS; and One Power Cord Brings Conditioned Power Back to the RTU Panel. Cable Glands are Used to Protect the Cords.


Regardless of whether you are using a traditional UPS or an online/double-conversion UPS — Navionics Research’s Telemetry Server technology offers a USB driver with the unique ability to continuously monitor, trend, and alarm the status of the utility power (OK/Failed) and UPS Battery (Capacity, 0-100%).

To learn more about our exciting new Online UPS Technology, please download our brochure HERE, or give us a call, and we’ll be glad to discuss the details.

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