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Many customers use their SmartPhone for secure remote access; and the phones generally fit within the following most popular categories:

  • Apple (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android
  • Microsoft
  • Blackberry

This article is directed toward customers who use either the Apple iPhone or iPad.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

After the recent release of iOS 8 for the iPhone and iPad, it was soon discovered that a bug had been introduced into certain username/password authentication technologies within the packaged Safari Web Browser.

This bug causes the NRI telemetry system remote authentication login to fail and/or hang unexpectedly.  Using WireShark, an Ethernet session analysis of the login transaction revealed that the problem is definitely within the Safari software’s formation of the request headers.  Other engineers had also discovered and reported the bugs in various technological web forums.

Until the bug is resolved by Apple, an easy fix for now is to download and use the “Chrome” Web Browser for iPhone/iPad.  This is a free program, available from the Apple “App Store”.

08 Feb 2017 Update: Apple appears to have addressed and fixed the authentication issue with the iPhone Safari Web Browser.

Google Chrome Web Browser on the Web

Click Here to Visit The Google Chrome Website

If you have any questions, or if you need assistance with the installation of Google Chrome, please don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email!

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