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Thank you! to all who stopped by and visited with us at the 2017 Illinois Rural Water Annual Conference in Effingham IL!

This year, we had two special guests, Tony Beuke (President, JFlow Controls Inc.) and Brian Isom (Product manager, JFlow Controls Inc.).

Tony and Brian generously lent their expertise as we led an advanced valve automation training course.  In this course, we introduced exciting, breakthrough control valve technology, which is based upon JFlow Controls’ new V-Port/Baffled Segmented Ball Valve.

Tony Beuke (President – JFlow Controls), Jim Mimlitz (Navionics Research) displaying a V-Port Segmented Ball Valve, Steve Fletcher (General Manager – Washington County Water Company and President – National Rural Water Association), Brian Isom (Product Manager – JFlow Controls)

This valve technology was applied within the Illinois Rural Water community at Fosterburg Water District, where two diaphragm valves had reached end-of-life and were slotted for replacement.  Each upgrade consisted of a new 6 inch V-Port/Baffled Segmented Ball Valve, a Quarter-Turn Motorized Actuator, plus SCADA Control modifications.  The experiences and telemetry performance data from this application were reported in the training course, thereby providing a blueprint of how a rural water district can achieve similar successful results.

For those who could not attend, the training class was based upon the experiences detailed in an earlier blog article, titled “Precision Digital Flow and Pressure Control With a V-Port/Baffled Segmented Ball Valve”:

Precision Digital Flow and Pressure Control With a V-Port/Baffled Segmented Ball Valve

The Training Course PowerPoint slides are also available online at SlideShare:



Would our state-of-the-art, V-Port/Baffled Segmented Ball Valve technology help solve a control challenge in your Water District?  Give us a call.  Our Telemetry/Control Systems are designed to leverage this exciting technology; and we’ll be glad to discuss this with you in further detail.

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