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The Summer months are an excellent time to take advantage of the favorable weather and schedule NRI onto your calendar for a tune-up or preventative maintenance for your Wireless Telemetry & Control System!

Coaxial Cable Tie Maintenance

As a wireless telemetry system ages, the cable ties that were used to secure the radio coaxial cables to the towers can become brittle and break with long-term exposure to extreme cold, heat, wind, and precipitation. When a critical number of cable ties break, then the remaining ones are stressed even further, which can consequently lead to failure of all ties.

NRI has recently standardized upon an ultra-durable cable tie technology that utilizes a stainless steel locking barb to achieve enhanced strength and longevity.  These Premium Cable Ties, which are manufactured by the Panduit Corporation, feature the following specifications:

  • Tensile Strength: 120 Lbs.
  • Rating: UV Resistant Black
  • Material: Polyamide 66
  • Locking Barb: Stainless Steel
  • Length 14.9 in.
  • Width: 0.275 in.
  • Thickness: 0.065 in
  • Temperature Rating: -76°F to +185°F
  • Minimum Installation Temperature: -4°F
  • Safety Listing: UL 62275

Each Spring, it is recommend that the Water District inspect the coaxial cables that are attached to the towers. If missing cable ties are noticed, please consider scheduling NRI for preventative maintenance.


The coaxial cable should be fastened with a cable tie every 3 or 4 feet when the tower geometry permits. Past experience has shown that if the repairs can be made before the remaining cable ties fail and break, then down-time and more extensive damage to the cable and connector system can be averted.

Approximate cost for time and materials is $5.75 per linear climb foot, plus travel ($324 max).  Are you interested in scheduling an appointment to tune up the coaxial cable tie fastening system at your Water Utility? If so, give us a call.  We’ll be glad to discuss the details.

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