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For the past 3 years, Navionics Research has partnered with French Gerleman (St. Louis MO, Quincy IL, Columbia MO, Kansas City MO, Springfield MO, Washington MO) and Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley to offer premium VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) solutions to our rural water customers.

Navionics Research’s Local Rockwell Distribution & Training Partner: French Gerleman, Saint Louis MO


Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley Distribution Center – Champaign IL

Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley PowerFlex-Series Premium VFD’s…

Through Rockwell’s PowerFlex-series VFD’s, we are pleased to offer 240VAC/480VAC drives ranging in size from 3 to 3000 HP.

PowerFlex natively supports the industry-standard Modbus networking protocol, which provides the water utility and its skilled SCADA engineer with advanced monitoring, control, energy minimization, and remote fault reset capabilities.

These drives are available in wall-mount, panel-mount, and floor-mount configurations.  Packaged drives are available with features such as line/load reactors, integral disconnect, breakers/fuses, bypass contactors, and enclosure ventilation & heating.

With the backing of a massive PowerFlex VFD inventory carried by French Gerleman (St. Louis/Quincy) and by Rockwell Automation (Champaign), and leveraging Navionics Research’s 22+ years of in-house VFD experience & expertise, we are able to deliver True 24×7 Emergency Equipment, Service, and Programming in the realm of Anything Related to VFD’s.

Massive Local Inventory + Expert Emergency Engineering Personnel = Averted Downtime…

As an illustrative example, an NRI customer recently experienced catastrophic lightning damage to two 15HP/240V VFD’s during a storm — both the primary and the backup drive — prior to midnight on a Saturday night at a critical pumping station.

It was all-hands-on-deck for Navionics Research, French Gerleman, and Rockwell Automation.  Our on-call teams opened the warehouse, picked the two desired 15HP/240V PowerFlex replacement drives out of inventory, and delivered the drives to the station.

Before that Sunday was over, Navionics Research had installed & programmed the drives, integrated them into the Telemetry/Control system, resumed pumping operations, and ensured that a boil order was averted.

It was an unfortunate event, but due to the effective emergency procedures of all involved, it concluded without the District running out of water.

Two Lightning-Damaged Toshiba Variable Frequency Drives at a Critical Pumping Station.


VFD Replacement In-Progress.


PowerFlex VFD Installation, Programming, & SCADA Integration Completed.


Here at Navionics Research, along with our strategic partners at French Gerleman and Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley, we look forward to serving as your resource for both new VFD’s and service/replacement of existing equipment. Give us a call, and we’ll be glad to discuss our capabilities with you in further detail.

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