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One of the most compelling features of the Navionics Research SCADA System is its robust remote access capability — it’s ability to connect the Water Operator with the SCADA System so that he/she may check on the status of the water treatment and distribution system, review alarms, and make operational adjustments.  The dawn of the Smart Phones (Apple, Android, Microsoft) has made this capability even more powerful.

Smart Phone SCADA Remote Access

Smart Phone
SCADA Remote Access

Because the cost to replace such phones can be significant, it is highly recommended that any Smart Phone be protected within a sturdy case — such as those manufactured by OtterBox, LifeProof, and others.  However, due to the circumstances of the Water and Wastewater businesses, the superintendents’ cell phones can be subjected to particularly heavy abuse and can still become damaged.

Unfortunately, I recently experienced such a mishap with my own iPhone 4, where a drop onto a concrete road shattered the front screen.  At first, I thought the phone was irreparably damaged and would need to be completely replaced.  After online research, though, I was pleased to have discovered a local firm whose specialty is repairing Smart Phones (and other devices) back to mint condition: STL Computer Docs

iPhone 4 - Broken Screen

iPhone 4 – Broken Screen

After speaking with one of the technicians on the phone, I boxed up the damaged iPhone 4 and sent it over for repair via UPS.

I also decided to spice up the look by having the case color modified during the repair from the original metallic-grey to a light-blue:

Case Color Selection

Case Color Selection

The repair was soon completed, and after paying the reasonable repair charge over the phone by credit card, the restored phone was shipped back to my office.

So if your Smart Phone has been dropped, shattered, water-damaged, etc… All hope is not lost!

Give the folks at STL Computer Docs a call.  They might be able to restore your phone to like-new condition.

Repaired iPhone 4 (Front)

Repaired iPhone 4 (Front)

Repaired iPhone 4 (Back)

Repaired iPhone 4 (Back)



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