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The Sensaphone Model 400 is a telephone alarm dialer device that is capable of calling out (with a computer-generated voice) to one or more (up to four) telephone numbers to annunciate an alarm condition, as signaled by discrete contact inputs. The Model 400 features four (4) input channels, plus integral power monitoring. Channel #1 is pre-configured by default as an analog temperature input (ships with an attached thermistor), and is capable of alerting personnel to both high-temp and low-temp alarms.

Sensaphone 400

Sensaphone 400

Navionics Research’s most advanced SCADA systems are capable of transmitting text messages to SmartPhones and Email addresses via an Internet tunnel. However, the Model 400 Alarm Dialer is a simple, inexpensive device — targeted toward serving low-budget Telemetry Systems, or Telemetry systems in locations where Telephone service is available, but Internet service is not.

Furthermore, the Sensaphone 400 is side-by-side compatible with Navionics Research’s Terminal Server Interface, which allows the Water District personnel to dial into the system using a modem-equipped notebook computer to monitor and interact with the system.  Basically, the Alarm System and the Graphical Interface can share the same phone line — reducing operational costs.

An Application Note has been authored that describes the setup for one specific scenario.  In this situation, an alarm dialer is desired that will monitor and alarm the following states as signaled from a Navionics Research Telemetry System:

  • Loss of Utility Power
  • High Temperature in Control Enclosure 110 degF – Thermistor
  • Low Temperature in Control Enclosure 20 degF – Thermistor
  • General Alarm – Normally Closed Contact
  • RTU Fault Alarm – Normally Closed Contact
  • Entry / Tamper Detect Alarm – Normally Closed Contact

Here is a link to the application note: LINK

Example Control Panel Containing a Sensaphone 400.

Example Control Panel Containing
a Sensaphone 400.

Would this type of alarm system make sense for your Water or Wastewater System?  We offer the experience of having successfully paired many Telemetry/Control systems with Sensaphone technology to provide Alarm Delivery within a tight budget.  Give us a call, and we’ll be glad to discuss this with you in further detail.

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