Jim Mimlitz, NRI

When NRI’s VFD & Energy Analytics is implemented in a water plant or pumping station, VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) fault alarms are passed as numerical codes to the SCADA system via an industrial communication protocol (e.g. Modbus, DF1, EtherNet/IP, etc.) and then to the operator.

A code of ‘0’ (zero) signifies no fault condition, whereas a non-zero code signifies that a fault condition is present.  Each VFD manufacturer provides a list of numeric codes, along with descriptors, that is specific to each VFD model.

For example, a fault code of ‘3’ on an Allen Bradley PowerFlex 400 or PowerFlex 753 VFD is defined as ‘Power Loss — Incoming AC line Low Voltage or Line Power Interruption’.

The purpose of this article is to provide a common repository for Fault Code documentation for some of the more common VFD’s that are in use at NRI client facilities.

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